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December Match Records Only

  • TOTAL : 38
  • Accuracy : 8/10
  • PASS : 23
  • Overall Our Accuracy : 85 % – 95 %


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30th DecS Sixer Vs S ThunderS SixerPASS ✅
29th DecN Zealand Vs BangladeshBangladeshCancel
M Renegade Vs AdelaideAdelaideFail
UAE Vs AfghanistanAfghanistanPASS ✅
28th DecHobort Vs M StarHobortFail
27th DecBrisbane Vs S ThunderBrisbane30p Jackpot
N Zealand Vs BangladeshN ZealandFail
26th DecS Sixer Vs M StarS SixerFail
Perth Vs M RenegadeM Renegade20p Jackpot 16p Cashout
23rd DecN Zealand Vs BangladeshN ZealandFail
M Star Vs S ThunderS ThunderPASS ✅
Hobort Vs RenegadeRenegadeFail
22nd DecS Sixer Vs AdelaideS Sixer10p Jackpot✅
West Indies Vs EnglandEnglandFail
21st DecM Renegade Vs BrisbaneM RenegadeFail
S Africa Vs IndiaIndiaFail
20th DecPerth Vs HobortPerthPASS ✅
N Zealand Vs BangladeshN ZealandPASS ✅
West Indies Vs EnglandEnglandPASS ✅
19th DecAdelaide Vs S ThunderS Thunder20pCashout✅
S Africa Vs IndiaIndiaFail
17th DecN Zealand Vs BangladeshN ZealandPASS ✅
Ireland Vs ZimbabweIrelandPASS ✅
S Africa Vs IndiaS AfricaFail
16th DecWest Indies Vs EnglandWest Indies7p Cashout
14th DecS Africa Vs IndiaS AfricaFail
West Indies Vs EnglandWest Indies25p Jackpot✅
13th DecM Star Vs PerthPerthPASS ✅
12th DecS Thunder Vs BrisbaneBrisbane5op Jackpot✅
S Africa Vs IndiaIndiaFail
West Indies Vs EnglandW Indies25p Jackpot✅
11th DecHobort Vs S SixerS Sixer40p Jackpot
10th DecM Renegade Vs PerthPerthCancel
9th DecAdelaide Vs Brisbaneafter tossRain
8th DecS Sixer Vs M RenegadesS SixerPASS ✅
7th DecBrisbane Vs M StarM StarPASS ✅
6th DecWest Indies Vs EnglandW indiesFail
3rd DecIndia Vs AussieIndia16p Jackpot
West Indies Vs EnglandEnglandFail
2nd DecAdelaide W Vs Brisbane WAdelaide W10p Jackpot✅
1st DecIndia Vs AussieAussieFail

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