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January Toss Prediction Results

January Results Only

  • TOTAL – 48
  • PASS – 32
  • Accuracy – 8 or 💯
  • Overall Our Accuracy – 💯

SA20 Toss Prediction Today 2024

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31ADK Rider Vs G GiantsADK RiderPASS✅
JS Kings Vs SE CapesJS KingsFail
30D Viper Vs MI EmiratesD ViperPASS✅
DS Giants Vs P CapitalsP CapitalsFail
28MI Emirates Vs ADK RidersAt telegramFail
DS Giants Vs P RoyalsDS GiantsPASS✅
27ADK Riders Vs D ViperAt telegramPASS✅
SE Capes Vs MIC TownSE CapesPASS✅
25D Capital Vs ADK RidersAt telegramFail
P Capital Vs SE CapesSE CapesPASS✅
24S Sixer Vs BrisbaneAt telegramFail
G Giants Vs D ViperD ViperPASS✅
JS Kings Vs P RoyalP RoyalPASS✅
23ADK Riders Vs MI EmiratesAt telegramFail
MIC Town Vs DS GiantsMIC TownPASS✅
22Brisbane Vs AdelaideBrisbanePASS✅
P Capital Vs SE CapesSE CapesPASS✅
D Capital Vs S WarriorD CapitalFail
21D Vipers Vs ADKRAt telegramPASS✅
P Royal Vs MI CapeMI CapePASS✅
MI Emirates Vs G GulfMI EmirateFail
20D Capitals Vs MI EmirateD CapitalsPASS✅
19Brisbane Vs S SixerBrisbanePASS✅
N Zealand Vs PakistanPakistanFail
S Warriors Vs G GiantsS WarriorPASS✅
MIC Town Vs P RoyalsP RoyalsFail
18P Capitals Vs DS GiantsP CapitalsPASS✅
17P Royals Vs JS KIngsJS KIngsPASS✅
16Perth Vs S SixerPerthPASS✅
MIC Town Vs SE CapesSE CapesPASS✅
14S Thunder Vs AdelaideAdelaideFail
N Zealand Vs PakistanPakistanPASS✅
India Vs AfghanAt telegramFail
P Capital Vs P RoyalP CapitalPASS✅
Srilanka Vs ZimbabweSrilankaPASS✅
13Perth Vs BrisbaneAt telegramFail
JS Kings Vs MIC TownJS KingsPASS✅
SE Capes Vs DS GiantsSE CapesFail
11Adelaide Vs HobortAt telegramPASS✅
India Vs AfghanAt telegramFail
Srilanka Vs ZimbabweZimbabwePASS✅
Brisbane Vs PerthPerthFail
9Adelaide Vs HobortAt telegramFail
8S Thunder Vs PerthPerthPASS✅
Srilanka Vs ZimbabweZimbabwePASS✅
7Brisbane Vs HobortAt telegramFail
6M Star Vs SixerAt telegramPASS✅
4M Renegade Vs HobortAt telegramPASS✅
3Sixer Vs BrisbaneBrisbanePASS✅
1Hobort Vs S ThunderThunderFail
31UAE Vs AfghanistanUAEPASS✅

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