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January 2024 Best Match Results

January Records Only
  • TOTAL : 71
  • Accuracy : 8/10
  • PASS : 43
  • Overall Our Accuracy : 85 % – 95 %

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31st JanADK Rider Vs G GiantsADK Riders60p Jackpot✅
JS Kings Vs SE CapesFAIL
30th janD Viper Vs MI EmiratesMI Emirates40p Jackpot
18p Cashout
DS Giants Vs P CapitalsDS GiantsPASS ✅
C Victorians Vs R RidersC VictorianFAIL
S Strikers Vs F BarishalF BarishalPASS ✅
29th JanS Warrior Vs D CapitalD CapitalFAIL
MIC Town Vs JS KingsMIC TownFAIL
Dhaka Vs KhulunaK TigersPASS ✅
28th JanMI Emirates Vs ADK RidersMI EmiratesPASS ✅
DS Giants Vs P RoyalsP RoyalsFAIL
D Vipers Vs S WarriorD Viper27p Cashout ✅
27th JanADK Riders Vs D ViperD ViperFAIL
SE Capes Vs MIC TownSE Capes40p Jackpot✅
G Giants Vs D CapitalD CapitalFAIL
26th JanS Warrior Vs MI EmiratesS WarriorFAIL
P Royal Vs DS GiantsP RoyalFAIL
25th JanD Capital Vs ADK RidersD Capital40p Jackpot✅
P Capital Vs SE CapesSE Capes2p Cashout ✅
24th JanS Sixer Vs BrisbaneS SixerFAIL
G Giants Vs D ViperD Viper45p Jackpot✅
JS Kings Vs P RoyalP Royal15p Jackpot✅
23rd JanADK Riders Vs MI EmiratesADK RidersFAIL
MIC Town Vs DS GiantsDS Giants20p Jackpot✅
22nd JanBrisbane Vs AdelaideAdelaideFAIL
P Capital Vs SE CapesSE CapesPASS ✅
D Capital Vs S WarriorD CapitalFAIL
21st JanD Vipers Vs ADKRD VipersFAIL
P Royal Vs MI CapeMI CapeFAIL
MI Emirates Vs G GulfG GulfFAIL
20th JanPerth Vs AdelaideAt telegram10p Cashout ✅
DS Giants Vs SE CapesDS Giants25p Cashout ✅
D Capitals Vs MI EmirateMI EmirateFAIL 30pCame
JS Kings Vs P CapitalP Capital25p Cashout ✅
19th JanBrisbane Vs S SixerBrisbaneFAIL
N Zealand Vs PakistanN Zealand50p Jackpot✅
S Warrior Vs G GiantsG GiantsPASS ✅
MIC Town Vs P RoyalsP RoyalsFAIL
18th JanP Capitals Vs DS GiantsDS GiantsFAIL
17th JanIndia Vs AfghanIndiaJackpot✅
P Royals Vs JS KIngsJS KIngsFAIL
16th JanPerth Vs S SixerPerth15p Cashout ✅
MIC Town Vs SE CapesMIC Town40p Jackpot
20p Cashout
15th JanM Star Vs HobortM StarFAIL
DS Giants Vs JS KingsDS Giants12p Jackpot✅
14th JanS Thunder Vs AdelaideAdelaide66p Jackpot✅
N Zealand Vs PakistanAt telegramFAIL
India Vs AfghanIndiaPASS ✅
P Capital Vs P RoyalP Capital50p Jackpot
15p Cashout
13th JanPerth Vs BrisbanePerth30p Jackpot✅
M Renegade Vs M StarM StarFAIL
JS Kings Vs MIC TownJS KingFAIL
SE Capes Vs DS GiantsDS GiantsPASS ✅
12th JanS Sixer Vs S ThunderAt telegram60p Jackpot
10p Cashout
N Zealand Vs PakistanPakistanFAIL
P Royals Vs P CapitalsAt telegram55p Jackpot
20p Cashout
11th JanAdelaide Vs HobortHobortFAIL
India Vs AfghanIndiaPASS ✅
DS Giants Vs MIC TownMIC Town40pJackpot
19p Cashout✅
Brisbane Vs PerthAt telegram45p Jackpot✅
9th JanAdelaide Vs HobortAdelaidePASS ✅
8th JanS Thunder Vs PerthPerthPASS ✅
7th JanBrisbane Vs HobortHobort20p Cashout
6th JanM Star Vs SixerSixerPASS ✅
5th JanAdelaide Vs PerthPerthFAIL
4th JanM Renegade Vs HobortHobortPASS ✅
3rd JanSixer Vs BrisbaneBrisbanePASS ✅
Perth Vs AdelaidePerthPASS ✅
2nd JanM Star Vs M RenegadeM StarPASS ✅
1st janHobort Vs S ThunderHobortPASS ✅

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