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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We demand the entirety of our individuals to peruse this load of faqs before going along with us.

Q1.Who am I ?

Ans. I’m a cricket, tennis, basketball, and football insider having 13 years of involvement in this field. Visit TOSSKINGRAj For additional inquiries mercifully check our own About us segment.

Q2.what is your accuracy of prediction ?

Ans. In soccer, we update our ROI after each and you can check our football benefit/misfortune any time. In cricket, the Big Bash group 2014/15 is our best contest having an 90.51% win. Not withstanding, we can give you, 7 victors, out of 10 matches. Sympathetically don’t expect 100% records by anybody from in this field.

Q3. For what reason do you give just chosen group tips? Not for all matches like others ?

Ans. We are here to win ourselves,  not to a specific group. We simply need to win a helpful measure of cash so we pick just chosen games where we can dissect well and put forth a valiant effort.

Q4. Do numerous sites and insiders give fixed tips? Do you trust fixed tips or reports ?

Ans. Here I pose an inquiry to you ” how will you respond If you have a proper game? Will you wager alone on it to win tremendous cash or will share/sell your decent tips/reports to other people? “

I realize you don’t will not sell or offer it. So it’s actually straightforward. They are simply making you an idiot and need to get your cash.

Q5. I am an understudy and need to be rich. Would you be able to assist me with bringing in some cash by wagering ?

Ans. NO, NO, and NO. If it’s not too much trouble, read our answer in case you are an understudy. We encourage you to not engage in the wagering field straightforwardly or by implication. We demand you to zero in on your investigation and make your transporter first. We wish you a brilliant future.

Q6. I need to join your administration. How might I get in touch with you?

Ans. You can call us straightforwardly for any questions or go along with us. Exactly what’s App me at here +91-9150936167. For more contact subtleties visit our contact page.

Q7. How would I be able to join your VIP bunch ? Is it free or paid ?


Q8. How can make the Payment ?

Ans. You can pay us by bank, Bitcoin, Nettler, Paypal, and Skrill.

CEO of TossKingRAj is RG RAj... 13 Yr Experience Sharing With You All To Kill The Books.

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